How Essex Invests

Top performing private equity funds and venture capital firms have developed efficient and productive means to attract the very best investment opportunities. Essex emulates some of these best practices and applies them to its own investment strategy.

Cost-effective deal flow

An extensive research and outreach effort will help identify promising trends, sectors and individual ventures. By building inbound deal flow and pro-active outreach, Essex can create a counterweighted approach, where new opportunities are weighed against market realities and recent developments in that particular sector.

The Issuer continues to create and foster relationships with market and industry experts to identify promising trends, sectors and individual ventures.


During the growth and maturation of any viable venture there exist critical thresholds that determine the trajectories of future revenues and organizational growth. Both impact the long-term viability of any enterprise.

Identifying these critical thresholds is a key to successful venture investing because in so doing, some of the investment risk may be mitigated and the potential return amplified. This is a key consideration in establishing the potential value of any Essex investment.


From a market perspective, the current volatility in equity and bond markets represents a signal opportunity for Essex:

  • IPO market has slowed considerably, VC’s largely inactive
  • Angel investing is stalling
  • Promising new ventures are forced into a holding pattern
  • Most re-doubling their efforts to secure funding.

This situation is favorable and advantageous to Essex. And it is precisely now, in these market conditions, that Essex moves forward with an aggressive capital funding program and an equally aggressive investing initiative.

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