Mission and Philosophy

The overall Essex objective is to give shareholders in Canada and the US an opportunity to invest in the early stages of a company’s development or technologies in an early stage of commercialization, when such investments would not be otherwise available to individual shareholders.

The Defining Difference

Essex invests like a VC or private equity fund and it's equity trades like a common stock. It offers investors the best of both worlds.

A Unique Approach

Essex principals believe they’ve developed a winning investment strategy that provides for significant upside potential, lower risk and near-term liquidity:

  • Target companies and sectors before they are visible to most VC firms
  • Invest during market conditions unfavorable to early-stage ventures
  • Value investor in underpriced opportunities with near-term growth potential
  • Avoid distressed situations or turnarounds

Essex principals believe that current market conditions create an excellent environment for this type of investment.

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