Wellness Indicators, Inc. is a private company based in Wauconda, Illinois which develops, manufactures and markets groundbreaking urinary wellness tests to employers, insurers and governments. These proprietary, first-to-market tests provide a highly personalized primary health screen and give individuals the opportunity to optimize their health and identify future health risks, specifically cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and even cancer risk.

The tests also give insurers, employers and healthcare providers timely information to deliver wellness programs, fitness regimes, preventative measures or medical intervention before illness risks increase. The Wellness Indicators tests are in pre-production stage for field testing before being released for mass production. A successful field trial was conducted with AFLAC, the premier US disability insurer, in mid July, 2011.

Further, Wellness is positioning its test panel as an objective indicator for Metabolic Syndrome, a recognized precursor to diabetes and predictor of cardiovascular disease. This is significant because millions of North Americans are affected by diabetes and an early indicator of pre-conditions favorable to the onset of diabetes can trigger prevention and intervention measures to dramatically decrease the risk or onset of this disease.

Wellness expects to launch its premier test product internationally in Q1 2012.

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